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Best Autoclicker For Android

We all find convenience in the things we do. While playing games on our cell phones, we look for speed and easy accessibility.


Keys and codes play an essential role in a virtual gaming platform. One such convenience is the Auto Clicker. As the name suggests, it is an application for android that automatically clicks on the screen or at a specific point on the screen. It can work alongside any application on your cell phone. It moderates gaming actions and system functions on your android. Below is a list of the top-rated Auto Clickers for android.


Best Autoclicker For Android

1. Click Assistant


The application makes every click easier for you. Click Assistant can automatically save the clicks and repeat them so that you have extra time for other things. The application doesn't only feature click automation, but it also enables curved swipe automation and pinch. You can easily modify the duration of each action. The application does not require you to root your phones. It has a floating control button that enables you to use the auto clicker simultaneously with other apps too.


3. E-Robot


The E-Robot application provides its users with various options that can be modified and moderated. The app has around 175 events and 150 actions to choose from. You can edit and operate all these possibilities. E-Robot can handle all the functions simultaneously. Be it Wifi or running apps on different locations; the application can handle everything fluently. The application can be used on Android 4.0 and above.


5. Quick Touch


Quick touch has a floating panel that allows you to use the auto clicker while scrolling other applications. It supports swipes and does not require you to root your phone. It is similar to the click assistant application and works on other long-screen apps too. You can pinch the settings to connect it to other apps. The Quick Touch application doesn't support too many features, but its randomized touch keeps you covered all the way long.


7. AutoInput


The Auto Input application is another user-friendly software that doesn't require you to root your device. The application works entirely on Tasker. To use AutoInput, you need to install Tasker on your device as it works as a plugin for that device. Before working on AutoInput, you need to learn about Tasker and enable its accessibility through your cell phone settings. Tasker requires a subscription, but you can avail of the two-week free trial to access it easily. Overall, the application is being loved by its users and is pretty powerful when used.

2. Autoclicker 


Auto Clicker app is a simple and easy-to-use application that keeps you comfortable with multiple taps, repeated clicks, and different swipes. It has a user-friendly interface that doesn't require you to root your phone. It doesn't require setting up too many configurations and is easy to handle. The application works on Android version 7.0 or above due to specific accessibility permissions. Overall, it is easy to access, and you can entirely rely on the application for a fluent auto-clicking purpose. You can download the auto clicker from autoclicker.io 


4. Automate


AutoMate isn't an auto-clicker unless it is combined with other applications. It is useful with other applications on your phone. It schedules precise clicks for a specific point of time, especially when you want to organize the inputs timely. The application has a floating bar that enables you to use the clicker while scrolling other apps. The application is ad-free, while a premium subscription can unlock 30 blocks.


6. MacroDroid


Macrodroid isn't suitable for games that require auto clickers, but it definitely works best when used on android phones for other purposes. The application provides the easiest ways to automate profiles, data, Wi-Fi, and many more. The app is user-friendly and convincing. Macrodroid creates step-by-step tasks for enhancing its efficiency. You can also create personalized models. For that, you need to trigger the clicks that you want to automate. The application provides you with over 50 constraints that can be operated.


8. Droid Automation


Droid is for Android, and Automation is for automatic generation. The Droid Automation isn't an auto-clicker but can function as an auto clicker when used correctly. It doesn't display flowcharts while automating. Instead, it provides several alternatives of tasks that can be triggered and configured while presenting several possibilities that can be automated. It is a user-friendly application and is entirely free, with a premium option available to interested users. To start with the application, the users are required to create a profile and select the desired triggers.



Final Words


The best Auto Clicker applications for Android are mentioned above. An auto clicker not only makes gaming convenient but also provides several additional benefits to its users. You can refer to the one that suits best for you. Auto clickers are a bit complex but can be a powerful tool when you learn the basics related to the application.